Juni 2018

Integrated coastal hazard risk reduction and management – a closer look at the dynamic damage cost methodology in COHERENT (pdf)
Kirsten Halsnæs, M. A. Dahl Larsen, N. Drønen, F. Bach Kristensen, C. Sørensen, B. Brahtz Chrisensen
Presented at 2nd Baltic Earth Conference, Helsingborg, Sweeden, June 2018

August 2018

Halsnæs, K., Kaspersen, P.S., 2018. Decomposing the cascade of uncertainty in risk assessments for urban flooding reflecting critical decision-making issues. Clim. Change 151, 491–506.

COHERENT brochure (pdf)


Svenningsen, L.S. (2019): Social preferences for distributive outcomes of climate policy. Climatic Change,

Special Issue in the journal “Sustainability” on High Impact Events & Climate Change (guest editing & editorial: Martin Drews & Hilppa Gregow, May 2019


Thejll, P. Drews, M., Thoransdottir T., Guttorp P., et al. (subm): Storm surges in long Danish tide-gauge records. Extremes.

Svenningsen, L.S., Bay, L., Doemgaard, M.L., Skougaard Kaspersen, P., Larsen, M.A.D. and Halsnæs, K. (subm): Estimating damage costs to residential buildings in Denmark, subjected to storm surges. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS)